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We R Bold. We R Free. We R Music. We R Neon. Join the Tribe as we take the reins of Neon's career away from fat cat executives and other gatekeepers. Using the magic of crowdfunding with Indiegogo, fans can now liberate the artist and PREORDER Neon's album ELEUTHEROMANIAC. Donate what you can, get cool perks, and if you dont have the finances that fine too because you can sign up to help run Neon's FanLabel #WeRNeon.

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    IndieGoGo My Freedom and Fund the World's 1st Fan Label #WeRNeon

    I've been so inspired and empowered since I started the #WeRNeon movement that I took the next step which is raising the money to be able to put out my album independently. I have huge producer fees to pay before I can release my album and this is the job that my label previously did. So now I'm leveraging IndieGoGo, the internet, and #WeRNeon to be able to achieve my goal. Check out the entire campaign on IndieGoGo. I will be so grateful for your contributions and I hope you enjoy all the perks I have made available (including my debut album Eleutheromanic!!) http://igg.me/at/neonhitch/x/6941211
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    Neon Hitch Presents The Yard Sale Tour

    It's official! The circus is coming to town.  TICKETS GO ON SALE FRIDAY, AUGUST 22nd
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    Our official Tribe currency is "neons" —  earn 'em by commenting on posts, liking content, sharing items on social media, hosting events IRL (in real life) and participating in #WeRNeon street team missions. See if you can score a spot on the Top Tribe Members leader board for more epic rewards!

    All fans who earn 301 or more "neons" will receive a FREE download of "Warner Blvd."

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